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The State of Reform
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Politics For The People Book Club: "Unrigged" by David Daley

Organizers: Independent Voting and The People

As part of the ongoing collaboration between Independent Voting and The People, you are invited to join Politics for The People Book Club, an innovative online book club where we look at a wide variety of books from an independent, nonpartisan point of view.

  • The spring selection is "UNRIGGED: How Americans Are Battling Back to Save Democracy" by David Daley.
  • Author David Daley will be joining Politics for the People on Sunday, May 31st at 7 pm EST for a rich conversation about the book and the ongoing movement for reforms to put more power in the hands of ordinary Americans.
  • You can join the book club by visiting the blog and signing up to get regular updates.
  • Stay engaged through the blog while you read the book by engaging in lively conversations in the Readers' Forum, reading reviews on the book, and more!
Location: Webinar

The People's 2020 National (virtual) Assembly

Organizer: The People

On an otherwise average weekend in May of 2019, 100 people from around the country - representing every state and a diverse range of beliefs, backgrounds and demographics - came together to voice their hopes and concerns, and create the Declaration of The People.

Did you serve as a delegate in D.C.? Have you since joined our effort? Are you looking for a chance to connect or a place to find common ground? Whatever your answers, we invite you to join us to celebrate the anniversary of our 1st National Assembly, talk about how far we've come since, and set our path forward.

The world has changed a lot since that weekend last May, but in this time of uncertainty and isolation the value of finding common ground has become increasingly clear. While we may not be able to come together in the same room, mark your calendars and join us virtually (online or over the phone) to share some memories and work on our next steps.

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Location: Virtual

Fixing Bugs in Democracy: Organizing During a Pandemic

Organizer: Princeton Gerrymandering Project

Activist and political organizer Katie Fahey in conversation with professor Sam Wang on the subject of how to organize during a pandemic. Katie used social media to fight gerrymandering in Michigan, creating Voters Not Politicians. Now she runs The People, a national non-profit dedicated to democratic reform. Katie will speak about how the Internet can be used as a force for change, especially during our current public health crisis.

Location: Streaming video

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