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Simple microeconomics shows the fallacy of most voter fraud

Krucoff, a commercial real estate broker, ran unsuccessfully as an independent candidate to be the non-voting delegate from the District of Columbia in the House of Representatives.

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Measures that increase burdens on voters should be deemed politically unacceptable unless they are absolutely essential writer Garber and Davis-Roberts.

Ensuring election integrity should not come at the cost of compromising voter access

Garber is an international elections expert and a member of the Carter Center's U.S. election expert team. Davis-Roberts is an associate director in the center's Democracy Program.
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Pennsylvania voters cast their ballots during Tuesday's local election.

5 election stories you may have missed

While some states are still dealing with the aftermath of the 2020 election, others are focused on high-stakes local contests this year.

Here are five stories to help you catch up on the latest election news.

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"Although Kansans have cast millions of ballots over the last decade, there remains no evidence of significant voter fraud," said Gov. Laura Kelly.

GOP crusade to curb voting runs into blockade in ruby red Kansas

The sprawling Republican effort to make voting more difficult has been derailed for the first time by a Democratic governor.

Laura Kelly of Kansas has vetoed two bills, one curbing the number of ballots third parties may collect and deliver and the other giving the Legislature total control over election rules. Both were drafted in response to developments in other states last year — decisions by courts and governors to ease access to the ballot during the pandemic, and Donald Trump's baseless claims that widespread fraud had robbed him of a second presidential term.

The measures now return to the capital, where both have more than enough support for a veto override in the Senate but appear to be a handful of votes short of the necessary two-thirds majority in the House. Kansas' 2021 legislative session lasts three more weeks.

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