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Floridian aligned with Trump's campaign charged with faking registrations

At least 119 forged voter registration applications have recently been filed in one central Florida county, and an employee of an organization promoting President Trump's re-election has been charged for allegedly submitting 10 of them.

The case is a rare instance of readily apparent voter fraud, a problem that Republicans across the country maintain is widespread but that Democrats disregard as vastly overstated.

Officials in Lake County, a reliably Republicans suburb west of Orlando, said that Cheryl Hall had been charged with 10 felonies — at least six alleging she switched Democratic and independent voters to be registered Republicans without their consent — but that sheriff's investigators had linked her to all 119 of the falsified forms.

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The Public Interest Legal Foundation has filed another in a series of lawsuits claiming that election officials are not doing a good job of maintaining voter registration rolls, opening up the possibility of voter fraud.

Voter rolls in Pittsburgh littered with multiple registrations and the dead, suit claims

The voter rolls in Pennsylvania's second biggest county are a mess and election officials are not doing enough to clean them up, according to a lawsuit filed this week.

Public Interest Legal Foundation, a conservative group focused on election integrity, filed the suit Monday in federal court against David Voye, manager of elections for Allegheny County (which includes Pittsburgh) and members of the county's board of elections.

It is the sixth federal lawsuit filed by the foundation in less than two years highlighting the problems that election officials have in keeping their lists of eligible voters up to date. Other suits have targeted Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, the county that includes Houston and the city of Detroit.

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A polling place in suburban Virginia last fall.

Virginia set to make history with repeal of photo ID voting law

Virginia appears ready to make history as the first state to repeal a requirement that voters show photo identification before being permitted to cast a ballot.

A bill passed Tuesday by the state Senate would drop that restriction on voting. It was enacted eight years ago when Republicans were in charge in Richmond and said they feared what's proven to be a mostly non-existent threat of voter fraud.

Since winning control of the General Assembly last year, Democrats have declared a number of priorities for changing the state's culture — including making it easier to vote. The party now controls all the levers of state power for the first time since 1993.

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A new poll shows that Republicans and Democrats are deeply divided on the security of U.S. elections going into the 2020 voting season.

On election security, Democrats and Republicans see different Americas

Like so many other attitudes toward pressing problems these days, attitudes about election security are deeply divided along party lines, a poll out Tuesday finds.

Overall, 41 percent of people surveyed this month worry the country is either not very well prepared — or not prepared at all — to keep this year's presidential election secure and free of foreign interference.

But while two-thirds of Democrats believe the country is not ready, 85 percent of Republicans say the opposite, according to the results of a Marist Poll conducted for National Public Radio and PBS NewsHour.

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