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No Labels

No Labels is a group of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents dedicated to a simple proposition: We want our government to work again. Washington is no longer capable of solving the problems facing America. Crushed under the weight of poisonous rhetoric and hyper-partisanship, solutions and compromise consistently fall short. We, the American people, are the collateral damage of this partisan warfare.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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Unity Convention

Organizer: No Labels

At No Labels, we want to shift the focus back to what really matters — how the candidates plan to solve our country's problems. What will they do to bring down health care costs? How will they combat the nation's plummeting entrepreneurial spirit? How will they address the costs of climate change as insurance companies begin to change their risk models to account for more violent storms and more intense flooding? How are we going to fix our nation's broken immigration system and protect our borders? To keep this campaign focused on the issues that matter we're hosting a UNITY convention, an event that will give New Hampshire voters focused on solving problems an opportunity to interact with the candidates on the substance of their ideas. If you're one of those substance-oriented voters, you're invited!

Location: DoubleTree, 700 Elm St., Manchester, NH

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