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The State of Reform
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If Gov. Cuomo signs the measure, New York will be the 20th state to enact automatic voter registration.

New York joins growing movement for automatic voter registration

New York lawmakers passed a bill this week to establish automatic voter registration, making it the second most populous state to do so.

The state Senate passed the measure Wednesday and the Assembly followed suit a day later, sending the legislation to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's desk. If AVR gets the Democratic governor's approval, it will go into effect at the start of 2023.

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Ohio voters will face single ballot question on expanded voting

In a victory for election reformers, the Ohio Supreme Court has decided a package of proposed election changes in how the state votes should be put to voters as a single measure.

The court on Tuesday agreed with the organization promoting the referendum and blocked Secretary of State Frank LaRose and other Republican state officials from dividing the proposed constitutional amendment into four ballot questions.

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Democracy Madness regional final: Voting Rights Act vs. ranked-choice voting

The championship round in the Democracy Madness bracket's Voting region has arrived. And the top-seeded contenders have emerged at the front of the pack. But which one will be victorious?

Ranked-choice voting blew voting at home out of the water, even with all the talk about changing how ballots are cast in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. RCV has consistently destroyed its opponents throughout the tournament, winning by at least 30 points in every round.

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