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State of the State livestream

Gov. Cuomo proposed several reforms to New York's voting system during his State of the State address Monday.

Cuomo pushes plan to ease voting in New York

Acknowledging election complications caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed a slate of reforms to ease the voting process Monday.

As part of his 2021 State of the State agenda, Cuomo wants to extend the early voting period, make voting by mail more accessible and speed up the ballot counting process. These reforms would build on election changes the state has made in recent years.

In the aftermath of the unprecedented 2020 election, many states are considering changes to their voting systems as legislative sessions begin. And the Democratic-controlled Legislature in Albany will almost certainly be supportive of expanding access to the ballot box for New York's 13.6 million voters.

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After an election in which more voters than ever before cast ballots by mail, Georgia Republicans want stricter voting rules in the new year.

Voting made easier in Senate races, but Georgia GOP wants rollbacks after that

Under pressure from voting rights groups, Georgia's third largest county will make it slightly easier to vote in the crucial Senate runoffs.

Cobb County planned to open only five instead of the usual 11 places for early in-person voting, which civil rights organizations complained would suppress the Black and Latino vote in the Atlanta suburbs. On Wednesday the county conceded the problem by moving one polling location and adding two more, but only for the final week of early voting.

But that partial victory may soon be overwhelmed by a bigger challenge to the cause of civic participation in the nation's newest big purple state. Top Republicans say they'll soon launch a bid in the General Assembly to reverse many of the policies that made voting easier this year.

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Cobb County voters, here rallying for the Democratic candidates last month, will have just five instead of the usual 11 places to vote early in the Senate runoff.

Voting groups alarmed as early ballot centers close in key Georgia county

More than half of the early voting centers in Georgia's third largest county have been shuttered ahead of the high-stakes Senate runoffs next month.

When early voting starts next week, Cobb County will keep just five of its 11 voting locations open. That drastic reduction, voting rights groups say, will disproportionately impact Black and Latino voters in the western suburbs of Atlanta.

Ease of access to the voting booth is a central cause of democracy reform groups in every election, but promoting or suppressing turnout in the next federal contest is of particular importance because the twin runoffs will decide which party controls the Senate.

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Four ways to fix voting before the next election

With only five days remaining before Nov. 3, it's not too early to take stock of how things should have been different. Here are four things that need to happen before the next election. All four reforms derive from actual controversies over the past six months, things that never should have been the subject of extended legal or political battles.

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