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Almost every state offers at least one method of early voting to all eligible voters.

The 7 states where voting before Election Day is most difficult

Nearly every state legislature is considering bills to either roll back pandemic-era voting easements or make permanent the rules that allowed a record-breaking number of Americans to cast their ballots ahead of Election Day.

But with election officials already looking ahead to the 2022 midterms, the Center for Election Innovation and Research is concerned with the rules that are on the books right now. So CEIR released a report Monday analyzing the current laws in each state to determine where it will be easiest to cast a ballot early in person or by mail next year.

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Georgians encountered few problems at the polls Tuesday, the final day of voting in the Senate runoffs.

Huge stakes, few problems as Georgians cast final votes of a tumultuous year

Capping an extraordinarily complex and contentious season for democracy in a fitting way, hundreds of thousands of Georgians headed to the polls Tuesday for an unusual overtime contest with exceptional consequences.

It took five days after the 2020 campaign year ended for the final election of 2020 to finish. And the stakes of the twinned Senate runoffs could hardly be higher: whether Republicans will still control half of the Capitol, or whether Joe Biden will have a Democratic Congress at his back for his first two years as president.

The fact that the races are in Georgia, which has long been ground zero in battles over voter suppression and rickety election administration, has only heightened the tension. But as of midday, civil rights groups and others looking for big problems were not finding them.

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Members of the National Guard patrol in Philadelphia the morning after Election Day.

Something to celebrate: a safe election, so far

Election Day passed with remarkably little drama. After months of anxiety, that's a relief. Even better, there has been extraordinarily little violence or threat of violence to mar the election itself. Those of us concerned about political violence will now worry about the aftermath.

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Poll workers Angela and Zach Achten check in a box of absentee ballots in Sun Prairie, Wis.

Stay alert until every vote is counted: A U.S. election observer's message

Asquino was the U.S. ambassador to Equatorial Guinea from 2012 to 2015, the conclusion of nearly four decades as a foreign service officer.
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