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A new website allows voters to document their experiences at polling locations.

Here is a last-minute tech solution to help you protect your ballot

Baird is a corporate and political communications and policy consultant. He was chairman of two subcommittees of the Science and Technology Committee while a Democratic congressman representing southwestern Washington from 1999 through 2010 .
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Why election doomsday scenarios may not happen, after all

MIT election expert Charles Stewart III breaks down for WBUR some of the most common election meltdown scenarios playing out in the media, and why they may be overblown. He lays out why it will be hard for the Trump campaign to organize wholesale challenges to votes cast by mail. It's also going to take a series of increasingly unlikely events to get GOP-controlled state legislatures to ignore the popular vote and select their own electors — even in strained, partisan swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, Stewart says.
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The media needs to show patience on election night, writes Amherst's Austin Sarat.

Why the news media shouldn't declare a winner on election night

Sarat is associate provost, associate dean of the faculty and a professor of jurisprudence and political science at Amherst College.

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