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The State of Reform
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Rep. James Clyburn, along with other Democrats on the House subcommittee, led an investigation into election preparedness in four states.

Hill Democrats focus voting concerns on four big battlegrounds

Congressional Democrats this week moved to focus heightened concern about election preparedness on four of the biggest battlegrounds: Texas, Florida, Georgia and Wisconsin.

The majority of a special House committee, created this spring to oversee the government's response to the coronavirus pandemic, issued a report Wednesday focusing their apprehension on the limits of mail-in voting, poll worker shortages and safety of polling places in those states — with a combined 93 electoral votes central to the campaign strategies of both President Trump and Joe Biden.

The report by the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, which no Republicans signed, urged the states to spend quickly and generously to fix the problems — something they are unlikely to be able to do without a cash infusion from Congress itself, which looks less likely every day.

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President Trump praised GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis for building "a great infrastructure" for Florida mail-in voting.

Trump explains why mail voting merits a lawsuit in Nevada but praise in Florida

The Trump campaign has put its lawyers where the candidate's mouth is — although, all of a sudden, not where it is all the time.

President Trump's re-election team sued late Tuesday to block the delivery of a mail-in ballot to every voter in potential battleground Nevada this fall. The lawsuit was filed just hours after Trump created one of the most whiplash-inducing moments of the campaign. After making baseless accusations dozens of times that easy voting through the mail guarantees a rigged election, he encouraged every voter in Florida — but only Florida, the biggest purple state — to find a stamp and vote from home.

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More Than a Vote, created by LeBron James and other basketball stars, is giving $100,000 to help ex-felons in Florida pay off their fees and fines so they can have their voting rights restored.

LeBron's group donates $100,000 to pay off Florida felons' fees

Basketball superstar LeBron James' new voting rights group is donating $100,000 to help pay fines and fees for ex-felons in Florida so they can register and vote.

More Than a Vote was founded in June by the Los Angeles Lakers' small forward and other current and past basketball stars including: former NBA player Jalen Rose; Sklyar Diggins-Smith of the WNBA; and young NBA phenom Trae Young.

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The 11 states that would face federal oversight under a new Voting Rights Act

A growing chorus of congressional Democrats are saying that enacting a new Voting Rights Act is the best way for Congress to honor John Lewis, the civil rights icon and veteran Atlanta congressman who died last week.

The Republicans running the Senate have signaled no interest in debating the bill, designed to revive the racial discrimination protections enshrined in the original 1965 landmark law. The Democratic House passed the measure in December, with Lewis wielding the gavel during the vote.

Many of his colleagues now say the measure should be dubbed the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act. There's talk of pushing it through the House a second time this summer, perhaps with election assistance aid to the states tacked on.

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