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Mobile Voting - An Overview

Video: Mobile voting, an overview

As we work to protect and repair our democracy, making voting more accessible is a goal for encouraging more people to vote in elections. The technology already exists to allow us to vote securely on our smartphones as showcased in this overview on mobile voting.

The Fulcrum Repairing America's Broken Democracy NCL

Video: Repairing America’s Broken Democracy Featuring Doug Linkhart with National Civic League

Doug Linkhart is president of the National Civic League. Doug shares his thoughts on the mission of the National Civic League to advance civic engagement to create equitable, thriving communities across the country.

The interview is part of a collaboration between Bridge Alliance and CityBiz entitled Repairing America's Broken Democracy.

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#ListenFirst Friday Civic Citizens

Video: #ListenFirst Friday Civic Citizens

In this edition of #ListenFirst Friday, Miles Thompson introduces us to Civic Citizens as they work to help citizens impact their local communities though civic education and engagement.

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Can Conservatives Trust Journalists? | Joy Mayer with Mónica Guzmán

Video: can conservatives trust journalists?

Joy Mayer just launched a bold effort to help conservatives trust journalists. What will it take for America's local journalists to tell stories responsibly—not just for liberals, whose views most journalists identify with, but also for conservatives, whose views are easier for most journalists to misunderstand, neglect, or dismiss?

Joy, director of the Trusting News Project, joins host and fellow journalist Mónica Guzmán to count down six things right-leaning news consumers wish journalists would do better—and some things all news readers can do to support the American promise of journalism as a critical public service in this episode of the Braver Angels podcast.

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