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Senators held bipartisan discussions this week on an infrastructure deal.

5 stories to read about the bipartisan infrastructure deal

A bipartisan group of senators announced Thursday they had reached an agreement on a potential infrastructure package, but it is still a long way from crossing the finish line.

After days of hand-wringing over the future of the For the People Act, this was a welcome end to the week.

Here are five stories to catch you up on the latest developments:

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Video: Washington isn't broken. It's working as designed.

Katherine Gehl, author of "The Politics Industry: How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our Democracy" and founder of the Institute for Political Innovation, joins "The Realignment." Gehl discusses why Washington isn't actually broken, and instead operates exactly as it was designed, why an increasing number of people feel politically homeless, and how to restore competition to the political system.

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Voting rights advocates gather outside the Supreme Court on Wednesday for a rally in support of the For the People Act.

West Virginia voting rights advocates turn up heat on Manchin

Since proclaiming his opposition to the For the People Act, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin has drawn a lot of ire from voting rights advocates, including some from his home state of West Virginia.

Former Secretary of State Natalie Tennant and five other West Virginia advocates vowed during a press call Wednesday to keep the pressure on Manchin in the coming weeks. The the sweeping election reform bill is scheduled to be brought to the Senate floor later this month.

In an opinion piece published over the weekend, Manchin did not say he was opposed to specific elements of the For the People Act. Rather, he said he wouldn't vote for the bill unless Republicans were also on board — a nearly impossible standard. The moderate Democrat also reaffirmed his opposition to weakening or eliminating the filibuster, dealing another critical blow to the bill's chances of success.

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Reforms to renew America for the 21s century

Across the country, Americans are working together to bring new ideas, energy, leaders and coalitions together to respond to our systemic crises and renew democracy and effective representative government for America's third century.

American Promise presents "America 2026: The Reforms That Will Renew America & Secure Government of the People for the 21st Century," featuring a dynamic discussion of leaders and bridge builders including Debilyn Molineaux, president & CEO of the Bridge Alliance and co-publisher of The Fulcrum, as they discuss real reform, empowering all voters, and breaking through the toxic hyper-partisan landscape to forge a new era of civic renewal and national purpose.

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