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Ranked Choice Tennessee

Ranked Choice Tennessee envisions a future where more Tennesseans can participate in elections using ranked choice voting (RCV). Our activities fall into two main categories: civic education and advocacy. We work with election administrators, policy makers and the public to share best practices and help facilitate successful RCV elections.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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Voters in Burlington will give RCV a second shot.

Ranked-choice voting poised to return to Vermont's largest city

Tuesday was a big day for fans of alternative voting systems.

Two-thirds of voters in Burlington cast ballots in favor of restoring ranked-choice voting in Vermont's largest city. If Vermont's Democratic-majority General Assembly and GOP Gov. Phil Scott also sign off on the ballot initiative, ranked-choice voting will be used for city council elections starting next March.

And a rival method, approval voting, made its debut in St. Louis after winning its own approval last year.

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Will 2021 be defined by voting rights and electoral reform?

This story was originally published by Ms.

Reilly is the outreach and communications coordinator for RepresentWomen, a nonpartisan organization advocating for policies that would result in more women holding office.

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Courtesy The People

"There are still barriers based on race and gender identity, and I believe RCV will help lower those," says Zoraya Hightower.

The Fahey Q&A with Zoraya Hightower, hoping to revive ranked elections in Vermont's main city

After organizing the Voters Not Politicians 2018 ballot initiative that put citizens in charge of drawing Michigan's legislative maps, Fahey became founding executive director of The People, which is forming statewide networks to promote government accountability. She regularly interviews colleagues in the world of democracy reform for our Opinion section.

Zoraya Hightower is co-chair of Better Ballot Burlington, which is pushing a referendum that would revive ranked-choice voting for local races in Vermont's biggest city. The vote is next week. By ousting the 33-year incumbent last year, Hightower became the first woman of color on the Burlington City Council.

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Saul Loeb - Pool/Getty Images

Rep. James Clyburn is right that our electoral systems don't serve the interest of minority representation. But he misdiagnoses the problem, writes Eckam.

The problem for representative diversity isn't runoffs, it's single-winner elections

Eckam is a Texas software developer, graphic designer and the author of "Beyond Two Parties: Why America Needs a Multiparty System and How We Can Have It" (self-published, 2019).

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