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Ranked Choice Tennessee

Ranked Choice Tennessee envisions a future where more Tennesseans can participate in elections using ranked choice voting (RCV). Our activities fall into two main categories: civic education and advocacy. We work with election administrators, policy makers and the public to share best practices and help facilitate successful RCV elections.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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Pennsylvania voters cast their ballots during Tuesday's local election.

5 election stories you may have missed

While some states are still dealing with the aftermath of the 2020 election, others are focused on high-stakes local contests this year.

Here are five stories to help you catch up on the latest election news.

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Five key stories about democracy

It's been a busy week for democracy reformers, with the For the People Act appearing to die in the Senate, Republicans threatening to break ranks, and Rep. Liz Cheney losing her leadership post despite her conservative credentials.

But there was so much more. Here's a sampling of stories you may have missed.

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The Virginia Republican Party is livestreaming the counting of ballots from its nominating convention.

Virginia GOP embraces election changes at nominating convention

The Virginia Republican Party held the nominating contest for the state's off-year elections over the weekend. While the nominees for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general may not be known for a few days, advocates for election changes can point to a handful of victories.

Unlike presidential primaries in Virginia, which are open to all voters, the nominating process for statewide office is closed to select party loyalists. This year, approximately 50,000 were expected to cast a ballot at the Republican convention — if it could even be called a "convention." Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the party did not hold a central gathering; instead, participants were directed to cast their votes, from their cars, at one of about 40 locations scattered around the state.

And when they voted, they ranked each of the candidates, with ballot-counters now working through the process of eliminating also-rans and redistributing votes.

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