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CHANGE Illinois

CHANGE Illinois is a nonpartisan, nonprofit leading systemic government and election reforms. CHANGE (the Coalition for Honest and New Government Ethics) champions ethical and efficient government and democracy and includes a diverse group of civic, philanthropic, business, labor, professional, and nonprofit organizations representing millions of Illinoisans. CHANGE Illinois works in collaboration with like-minded reform organizations, playing a leadership role in convening and facilitating efforts around shared policy agendas. The coalition works to improve challenges that undermine our democracy, including gerrymandering, restricted ballot access, voter suppression, uncompetitive elections, corruption, lack of government transparency and unethical lobbying, all of which have led to disillusionment and a decrease in civic participation.

Panel + World Cafe | Open Data + Service Delivery

Organizer: Open Gov Hub

Data is getting bigger: experts say that its rapid expansion will reach 35 trillion gigabytes by 2020. But what does that mean for people in practical terms? The evolution of open data has improved outcomes in the public and private sectors, but it is hard to evaluate its social and political impacts, especially in the developing world. An emerging theory of change, which links the use of open data with greater government accountability and improved service delivery, suggests that citizens' access to information pushes the public sector to get things done right.

This event will commence with a paper presentation titled "From Theory to Practice: Open Government Data, Accountability, and Service Delivery" by Michael Jelenic from the World Bank, analyzing empirical evidence from 25 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa. A panel discussion will then explore the findings, followed by an unconference/knowledge cafe breakout session with a happy hour. Join us!

Location: OpenGov Hub, 1110 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC

Open Government
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Federal employees have been battered by government shutdowns and abuse from elected officials. A new survey finds them still proud of what they do but willing to leave government service.

Federal workers say they're proud of their work but would also go elsewhere

While federal workers are proud of what they do, nearly half would leave if they could get a similar job elsewhere, according to a wide-ranging survey of government employees released last week.

The survey comes at a critical time for the federal workforce, which is aging rapidly. Federal workers older than 60 outnumber those younger than 30 by nearly two to one, according to the Office of Personnel Management. Job satisfaction and retention are central indicators that the people who actually operate American democracy have some confidence it's functioning as intended.

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