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Unlike the April presidential primary (above), Wisconsin kept most of its in-person polling locations open on Tuesday.

Voting improvements made, but issues remain in Georgia and Wisconsin

Georgia and Wisconsin are hoping to bounce back from their problematic primaries earlier this year with another round of voting concluding Tuesday.

Both states have made adjustments since their first elections held during the coronavirus pandemic, but reports at midday from voting rights groups show some issues still remain. While the crowds at polling places were smaller, voters reported machine malfunctions and confusion over where they could cast a ballot in person.

Tuesday's elections were another indicator of what could happen in November, on a much larger scale, if states are not prepared and voters are not informed of changes.

Four other states — Connecticut, Minnesota, South Dakota and Vermont — had voting Tuesday, but no major problems were reported. These are the details in the two battleground states hoping to make their second rounds of primaries less problematic than the first.

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The June 9 Georgia primary proved that a primarily mail voting system disenfranchises voters, writes state Sen. Bruce Thompson.

Don't mess with Georgia's mostly-in-person election system. It works best.

Thompson, a Republican, has served in the Georgia Senate since 2013.

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