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We create opportunities for exchange between open-minded people in the marketplace of ideas. We organize collaborative events and curate thought-provoking content so you can explore the big questions about human freedom that lie at the heart of complex social issues. Our programming is based on the two pillars of our guiding philosophy: Liberty is a key driver of progress; Learning transcends formal education.
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'America in One Room' and the Future of Democracy

Organizer: Center for the Study of Liberty

The Center for the Study of Liberty is excited to bring you a LIVE online interview and discussion with the architects of "America in One Room," a ground-breaking experiment conducted in September 2019. Could our democracy work better if citizens were actually able to think through policy proposals and deliberate?

To explore the possibilities, Professors James Fishkin and Larry Diamond brought together over 500 individuals as a random representative sampling of American voters for a 3-day experience in self-government. The "America in One Room" participants tackled 5 of today's most controversial issues: immigration, healthcare, foreign policy, the environment, and the economy.

Location: Webinar

Ideas at Work: Repairing Our Social Fabric

Organizer: Center for the Study of Liberty

The Center for the Study of Liberty is delighted to bring you a LIVE online conversation with John Wood, Jr. and April Lawson of Better Angels. Better Angels is a national citizens' movement to reduce political polarization. By bringing "reds" and "blues" all across the country together in workshops, debates, and community alliances, they aim to teach practical skills and strategies for communicating across political differences. Yet their vision extends far beyond getting us all through the 2020 election. The leaders of this movement are asking questions like:

  • "Can we change the trajectory of our civic culture?"
  • "Can we repair our torn social fabric?"

John and April will share their insights about the "unmooring" that took place in 2016, the influence of college campuses on our national dialogue, the importance of rebuilding our "emotional economy," and much more.

Location: Webinar

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