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Fair Districts GA is a nonpartisan organization that works to end electoral map rigging in Georgia. Our focus is to fight gerrymandering, the practice of drawing legislative district lines to favor one group over another. Our ultimate goal is to reform Georgia's process for drawing state and federal electoral maps. Georgia's current redistricting system gives lawmakers broad leeway to draw district maps for Congressional, state senate, and state house seats. Fair Districts GA supports stronger standards and a nonpartisan, transparent, accountable redistricting process. We collaborate with advocacy groups and grassroots organizations to inform Georgians about gerrymandering, advocate for redistricting reform legislation, and engage concerned citizens in our cause.
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The Framers, including Alexander Hamilton, argued that the federal government must play a role in regulation elections, writes Richie.

National solutions to gerrymandering are legal, and necessary

Rob Richie is president and CEO of FairVote, a nonpartisan organization seeking better elections.
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Podcast: Independent commissions alone can't create fair maps

Discussions on gerrymandering often call for the creation of independent redistricting commissions to draw electoral maps. But in this episode of the Democracy Works podcast from the McCourtney Institute for Democracy, Christopher Fowler explains that plan is just part of a bigger solution to gerrymandering.

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Texas lawmakers approved new election maps for Congress and the state legislature, but advocates are suing over a potential voting rights violation.

Texas' new election maps discriminate against Latino voters, lawsuit claims

The GOP-majority Texas Legislature approved new maps for Congress and the state Legislature this week, and the first lawsuit has already been filed — before any maps have been finalized.

Latino voting rights advocates filed the first federal lawsuit on Monday, claiming the districts drawn and approved by Texas lawmakers discriminate against Latinos by diluting their voting power and therefore violating the Voting Rights Act. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign the new maps into law in the coming days.

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Redistricting experts flag partisan gerrymandering in Ohio's new maps

As states start to redraw their election maps for the new decade, redistricting experts have already flagged a state for extreme partisan gerrymandering.

The map for Ohio's House of Representatives gives significant advantage to Republicans, according to the Redistricting Report Card tool created by the Princeton Gerrymandering Project and RepresentUs. The two good-government groups, which are collaborating to analyze state legislative and congressional maps as they are proposed and approved this year, did find an exemplar in Colorado.

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