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Fair Districts GA

Fair Districts GA is a nonpartisan organization that works to end electoral map rigging in Georgia. Our focus is to fight gerrymandering, the practice of drawing legislative district lines to favor one group over another. Our ultimate goal is to reform Georgia's process for drawing state and federal electoral maps. Georgia's current redistricting system gives lawmakers broad leeway to draw district maps for Congressional, state senate, and state house seats. Fair Districts GA supports stronger standards and a nonpartisan, transparent, accountable redistricting process. We collaborate with advocacy groups and grassroots organizations to inform Georgians about gerrymandering, advocate for redistricting reform legislation, and engage concerned citizens in our cause.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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Exclusive: Obama on the Urgency of 2020's Senate & Down Ballot Races | NowThis

Deeds, not words, show Obama is not the reformer he's sounding like

Gorrell is an advocate for the deaf, a former Republican Party election statistician, and a longtime congressional aide. He has been advocating against partisan gerrymandering for four decades.
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Rita Bosworth

"The hardest part of this work is acknowledging you will always be walking uphill both ways, and maintaining the mental toughness and hope required to keep doing it," says Rita Bosworth.

Meet the reformer: Rita Bosworth, pushing for blue-tinged mapmaking reform

After a dozen years as a federal public defender, Rita Bosworth and three colleagues started the Sister District Project the week after the last presidential election. She is now CEO and has watched its campaign volunteer roster swell to 45,000 and its fundraising for Democratic state legislative candidates crest $2.8 million. While the group's work is overtly partisan, its objective is aligned with one of the democracy reform movement's main goals. Turning statehouses more blue this fall, Bosworth argues, will lead to less partisan gerrymandering and a fairer redrawing of legislative and congressional boundaries for the 2020s. Her answers have been edited for clarity and length.

What's the tweet-length description of your organization?

A grassroots political nonprofit that organizes volunteers in progressive communities and "sisters" them with Democratic state legislative candidates in other parts of the country who need resources to win.

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The single transferable vote explained.

How multimember districts could end partisan gerrymandering

Eckam is a Texas software developer and graphic designer. Last year he self-published "Beyond Two Parties: Why America Needs a Multiparty System and How We Can Have It."

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'Slay the Dragon' - Film Screening & Panel Discussion on Gerrymandering

Organizer: Fix Democracy First and Meaningful Movies Project

Join Fix Democracy First and Meaningful Movies Project for an online film screening and panel discussion on gerrymandering with "Slay the Dragon," a 2019 documentary film about gerrymandering in the United States directed by Barak Goodman and Chris Durrance. The film follows citizens' groups as they work to end the practice of gerrymandering, which they see as undermining democracy. It features Katie Fahey, the activist who founded Voters Not Politicians and led a successful grassroots campaign to ban partisan gerrymandering in Michigan. View trailer here:

Location: Webinar

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