Free and Equal Elections Foundation

The Free and Equal Elections Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with a mission to open the electoral process through education and collaborative action. Founded in 2008 by electoral reform and voters' rights leader Christina Tobin, Free & Equal leads national, state and local efforts to transform the electoral system in the United States. Free & Equal hosts open gubernatorial, presidential and senatorial debates. Since 2009, Free & Equal has hosted annual electoral reform symposiums uniting intellectuals and experts to share, debate and offer reforms to the current U.S. electoral system. In 2014, Free & Equal launched United We Stand, an annual nationwide tour uniting the younger generations with musicians, artists, and thought leaders to encourage local civics participation and inspire people to run for office. Free & Equal's latest project is creating a Blockchain Election Assistant App to promote transparency and empower voters with information about all their candidate choices.
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Where were Angela Walker and Spike Cohen? The authors argue the general election debates, like Wednesday's vice presidential encounter, wrongly lock in the red and blue duopoly.

We shouldn't have only two candidates to look at in future debates

Tobin founded the Free and Equal Elections Foundation and Beckerman founded Open the Debates. Both groups advocate for reducing the influence of the two major political parties. An earlier version of this piece was published by Independent Voter News.

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