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Democracy Promoter, Come Home

Organizer: Georgetown Democracy and Governance

The United States has been engaged in supporting democratization and good governance around the world for decades. Amidst calls to reform and revitalize American democracy at home, what lessons can the United States draw from taking an international perspective?

Join a panel of experts to discuss how the U.S. can benefit from such lessons and how their own global experience informs their work here.

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Racial and political inequity focus of new report on democracy's woes

With American democracy in decline, a new report urges that reforms addressing racial and political inequities are sorely needed.

For the first time in nearly 15 years, Freedom House released on Tuesday an in-depth report analyzing America's flawed democracy and what fixes are needed. This analysis comes on the heels of the nonpartisan research organization's annual report, in which it found the United States was part of a worldwide decline in freedom.

This downward trend in American democracy, according to Freedom House, accelerated during Donald Trump's presidency and ultimately amounted to an acute crisis when insurrectionists stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

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Report: U.S. contributes to ongoing decline of freedom worldwide

More bad news for democracy defenders: A new report confirms worldwide declines in freedom for the 15th year in a row, and the United States isn't helping matters.

Freedom House, a nonpartisan research organization, on Wednesday released its annual report, Freedom in the World, detailing how global democracy was further weakened by the Covid-19 pandemic, economic and physical insecurities and violent conflict. While the United States is still considered "free," the country's score has continued to decline over the last decade, dropping 3 points in 2020 alone.

Countries were graded based on the political rights and civil liberties enjoyed by their populace, rather than government performance. This report is the latest in a series of studies calling attention to global issues involving democracy and corruption.

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