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Vote16USA is a national campaign, organized by Generation Citizen, that aims to support efforts to lower the voting age on the local level, help start new local campaigns, and elevate the issue's prominence on a national level.
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President Trump said on "Fox & Friends" that Republicans would have difficulty getting elected if different "levels of voting" were implemented.

Trump linking of easing voting rules to GOP woes creates knowing fury on the left

Progressive democracy reform groups are seizing on a brief comment from President Trump as smoking gun evidence Republicans oppose making it easier to vote because they fear doing worse with bigger turnout.

Preventing election fraud has been the GOP's singular public reasoning for supporting tight rules of access to the ballot box. Democrats and voting rights groups say that's a subterfuge, noting the scant evidence of criminality and the solid evidence that more people voting means fewer wins for Republicans.

Trump openly embraced that concept Monday when discussing proposals he said he blocked from the coronavirus economic rescue package — emphasizing his rebuff of the $2 billion Democrats sought to pay for nationwide voting-at-home, online registration and expanded early voting in person.

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More drop off boxes, like this one being used by a Denver voter on Super Tuesday, are among the improvements that the Brennan Center is proposing in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Price tag for coronavirus election changes put at $2 billion

Given the myriad differences in election methods across the country, changing the way Americans vote in the time of coronavirus won't be easy. And it wouldn't be cheap, either.

The Brennan Center for Justice on Thursday said it would cost as much as $2 billion to implement the ambitious changes it recommends for a November election in which every voter can vote free of the fear of infection. Expanded online voter registration, a nationwide option to vote by mail and public safeguards at polling places are at the heart of the liberal think tank's detailed plan.

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A new lawsuit asks a Wisconsin judge to order April 3 as the new deadline for people to register to vote electronically or by mail.

Citing virus, Democrats sue to ease voting rules for Wisconsin primary

Restrictions on the lives of Wisconsin voters because of the coronavirus require the state to permit registration and voting-by-mail to continue until the state's primary, Democrats maintain in a new lawsuit.

The Democratic National Committee and state party sued in federal court Wednesday, just before the deadline for registering online for the April 7 primary, the next major contest in the presidential race.

It's the latest in the wave of voting rights litigation brought by the Democrats in partisan battlegrounds from coast to coast in recent months, but the first contending that political rights are being improperly abridged because of the current nationwide public health emergency.

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Floridian aligned with Trump's campaign charged with faking registrations

At least 119 forged voter registration applications have recently been filed in one central Florida county, and an employee of an organization promoting President Trump's re-election has been charged for allegedly submitting 10 of them.

The case is a rare instance of readily apparent voter fraud, a problem that Republicans across the country maintain is widespread but that Democrats disregard as vastly overstated.

Officials in Lake County, a reliably Republicans suburb west of Orlando, said that Cheryl Hall had been charged with 10 felonies — at least six alleging she switched Democratic and independent voters to be registered Republicans without their consent — but that sheriff's investigators had linked her to all 119 of the falsified forms.

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