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July 28, 2020
5:00 PM (Eastern)

A Constitutional Crisis Could be Coming: Why it could take until 2022 to resolve the 2020 election

Organizer: Reform Elections Now

While Joe Biden could win the popular vote, Republican legislators could approve electors for Donald Trump. If the election goes to the House of Representatives, Republicans are likely to win, because, while Democrats have a majority of the seats, each state gets one vote and Republicans currently control a majority of the states.

A disputed election and Constitutional crisis over the counting of mail-in votes would be a disaster for our country. The irony is that while the possibility of having such a crisis is real, there are simple solutions to avoid such a crisis. If we act now, we can get governments to take steps to ensure that mail-in votes are counted quickly and effectively, and the election is settled in 2020, not in 2022. Please join Reform Elections Now to discuss this threat to American Democracy and actions that can be taken now to resolve these problems before they occur.

Location: Webinar