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The AND Campaign believes that politics is a limited, but essential forum for pursuing the well-being of our neighbors. It is limited in both its scope and its effectiveness. Politics can and should only reach so much and so far, and political solutions will never approach the perfect justice that Jesus will bring and is bringing. Our hope in all things is in Him. There is rarely one Christian position on a public policy issue, but every Christian should be thinking Christianly about politics. In the policies The AND Campaign promotes and in the positions we take, we believe social justice (&) moral order are not at odds, but are two sides of the same coin. We seek to act as faithful Christians, applying the timeless values of our faith and Christianity's true account to the reality we all face, in this political moment. We invite all who affirm our approach to join us in our work to assert a compassionate and convictional witness into the public square.
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Georgetown University

The And Campaign's Justin Giboney, at a Georgetown University forum in October on the intersection of faith, race and politics in the coming campaign.

Meet the reformer: Justin Giboney, who wants to put more Gospel into politics

In the 13 years since earning his law degree at Vanderbilt, where he played football as an undergraduate, Justin Giboney has been an attorney and political strategist in Atlanta. Two years ago he founded the And Campaign, which uses the logo (&) and describes itself as a coalition of urban Christians seeking to infuse American political culture with the Gospel. His answers have been lightly edited for clarity and length.

What's the tweet-length description of your organization?

A Christian civic organization that helps believers engage politics more faithfully through a framework that emphasizes the compassion and conviction of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Describe your very first civic engagement.

My father took me up to the Colorado state Capitol to watch the legislative process.

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