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DIVIDED WE FALL 4: Policy Solutions to Depolarize Politics

Video: DIVIDED WE FALL 4: Policy Solutions to Depolarize Politics

For years, the Harvard Business School Competitiveness Report has found that political dysfunction is the #1 barrier to economic competitiveness. Political polarization is a root cause of that dysfunction. But how do we fix it?

Business for America, a coalition of businesses promoting a stronger democracy, and the Niskanen Center collaborated to create a four-part series, Divided We Fall.

The fourth and final part explores public policy approaches to addressing the polarization at the root of America's political dysfunction, including anti-gerrymandering, nonpartisan primaries, and ranked-choice voting. The discussion also explores how introducing more choice and competition into politics helps increase voter participation, increase diversity among winning candidates, reduces toxicity during elections, and increases bipartisan collaboration while in office.

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