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Equal Citizens

Equal Citizens has one simple but incredibly important mission: to fix democracy by establishing truly equal citizenship. Once we, as a nation, have done that, we may then take on all the other challenges facing us. The good news is, since Congress created this problem, Congress can fix this problem. The legislation to do so has already been written. Now it's simply a matter of making sure Congress hears our voices and acts to make us truly equal citizens.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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Democracy For All 2021 Action

$1 million HR 1 ad campaign targets Ariz​ona, Georgia and New Hampshire​

Democracy reform advocates are taking to the airwaves once again in the hopes of bolstering the For the People Act's chances in the Senate.

A coalition of 15 labor groups, environmental advocates and progressive organizations launched a $1 million advertising campaign on Monday to promote the sweeping democracy reform legislation nationally and in targeted states.

As more than 360 restrictive voting bills are being considered in nearly every state, the campaign highlights how the For the People Act could protect voting rights and expand voting access nationwide. But with the filibuster still intact, passage requires getting all 50 Democratic senators and at least 10 of their Republican colleagues on board — a nearly impossible task.

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Courtesy Millennial Action Project

MAP founder Steven Olikara (left) stepped down from the top job earlier this year. Layla Zaidane has been named the new CEO.

Millennial Action Project and its founder begin new chapters

Growing up in Milwaukee, Steven Olikara felt that playing music was the only way to bring people of all backgrounds and ideologies together — until he was inspired to launch the Millennial Action Project.

Believing the trend toward polarization had put American democracy on perilous footing, Olikara decided to translate his musical performances into political involvement on a national scale. In 2013, he officially launched MAP with the hopes that the next generation could bridge the political divide and put America on the right path forward.

Now, after nearly a decade at the helm, Olikara has stepped down as both he and the organization enter new chapters. On Wednesday, the organization announced as his successor Layla Zaidane, who previously served as MAP's executive director and COO. As for Olikara's next steps, the 31-year-old has his sights set on a potential Senate run next year when Republican Ron Johnson's seat is up for election.

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