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The State of Reform
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Fix Democracy First

Fix Democracy First is a non-profit in the state of Washington fighting to improve our Democratic processes. We have been running initiatives and projects in support of public financing of campaigns, fair elections, overturning Citizen's United, protecting voting rights and other similar efforts for almost two decades. We have recently merged with WAmend and continue to work very closely with allies, partners, and volunteers towards our common goal of getting money out of politics.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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NYU Photo Bureau.

The Brennan Center's Myrna Pérez speaks at the New York University Law School two years ago.

Meet the reformer: Myrna Pérez, advocate for a trustworthy election in the pandemic

The Brennan Center for Justice, a progressive think tank at New York University Law School, is one of the preeminent groups pushing for a comprehensive, reliable and safe election during the coronavirus pandemic. And helming that litigation, research and lobbying effort is Myrna Pérez. She runs the voting rights and elections program and has been with the Brennan Center most of her professional life, arriving after a stint at a civil rights firm in Washington and clerkships for federal trial and appeals court judges in Philadelphia. Before getting a law degree from Columbia in 2003, she was a health care and housing analyst for what's now called the Government Accountability Office, the congressional oversight agency. Her answers have been edited for clarity and length.

What's democracy's biggest challenge, in 10 words or less?

Politicians manipulating the rules so some of us can't vote.

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The elections office in King County, Wash., offers a video tour of its counting facility.

It's not too late to ensure transparent elections are not a pandemic victim

Weiss is a consultant to a commercial printer and a member of the local Democratic Committee in suburban Philadelphia's Montgomery County.

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Media & Democracy: Time for a Reset

Organizers: Fix Democracy First, Northwest Alliance for Responsible Media at Gonzaga University, and NW Center for Media Literacy at University of Washington

Join us to explore & examine the questions: What role does the media play in democracy and why does democracy need media? How did we get here? What does a pro-democracy media look like? What can people do to bring about or encourage change in the system? Panelists include: Dr. John S. Caputo is the Professor Emeritus and founder of the Master's Program in Communication & Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University, and founding member of the Northwest Alliance for Responsible Media; Dr Denis Muller is a journalist, broadcaster and academic. He worked as a newspaper journalist for 27 years and is currently a weekly commentator on media issues for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation; Dr. Carolyn Cunningham is an Associate Professor of Communication and Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University. She researches areas including girls and video games, women and leadership, and media literacy. And she co-directs the media literacy center at Gonzaga (NWARM); Sandra Williams is an activist, lecturer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, with an extensive background addressing issues of discrimination, equity, and social justice. She is the Publisher and Editor of The Black Lens, an independent community publication, based in Spokane; and Frank W. Baker, is a media literacy education trainer. He operates the Media Literacy Clearinghouse resource website.

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Location: Webinar

'Slay the Dragon' - Film Screening & Panel Discussion on Gerrymandering

Organizer: Fix Democracy First and Meaningful Movies Project

Join Fix Democracy First and Meaningful Movies Project for an online film screening and panel discussion on gerrymandering with "Slay the Dragon," a 2019 documentary film about gerrymandering in the United States directed by Barak Goodman and Chris Durrance. The film follows citizens' groups as they work to end the practice of gerrymandering, which they see as undermining democracy. It features Katie Fahey, the activist who founded Voters Not Politicians and led a successful grassroots campaign to ban partisan gerrymandering in Michigan. View trailer here:

Location: Webinar

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