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Fix Democracy First

Fix Democracy First is a non-profit in the state of Washington fighting to improve our Democratic processes. We have been running initiatives and projects in support of public financing of campaigns, fair elections, overturning Citizen's United, protecting voting rights and other similar efforts for almost two decades. We have recently merged with WAmend and continue to work very closely with allies, partners, and volunteers towards our common goal of getting money out of politics.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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Five key stories about democracy

It's been a busy week for democracy reformers, with the For the People Act appearing to die in the Senate, Republicans threatening to break ranks, and Rep. Liz Cheney losing her leadership post despite her conservative credentials.

But there was so much more. Here's a sampling of stories you may have missed.

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More than 1,000 bills related to voting rights have been introduced in state legislatures this year.

Voting rights bills are personal. What is happening in your state?

Gifford is the founder and chief operation officer of ActiVote, which works to increase voter participation and civic engagemen. ActiVote is partnering with the National Vote at Home Institute on a week-long event to highlight bills that affect voting in your state.
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West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is trying to negotiate a compromise on the For the People Act.

Five stories to read about voting rights

This week, governors and legislatures across the country took action to change voting rules in a handful of states while Senate Democrats made modifications to the sweeping election overhaul bill known as the For the People Act.

While many state legislatures are debating bills to alternately ease or restrict voting, the most progress has been made in states that are tightening election rules. This week, Texas and Florida took big steps in that direction, while New York became the latest to restore voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences.

Here are five key stories to keep you in the loop on the latest activity.

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Drive-through voting, which would be restricted in Texas if pending legislation is enacted, was used heavily by Houston's Latino, Black and Asian voters in 2020.

Business leaders come out in opposition to Texas voting restrictions

As the Texas Legislature continues its push to pass legislation tightening voting rules, Lone Star State businesses are ignoring demands from Republican leaders to stay out of the debate.

This week, two business coalitions released separate letters calling for expanded ballot access in Texas, although they used different language in their demands.

These coalitions and other voting rights activists are hoping to modify if not derail two bills that limit voting options and create criminal penalties they believe could intimidate potential voters.

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