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Left Continues to Go It Alone on HR 1

A broad array of advocacy groups rallied at the Capitol this afternoon in a bid to boost momentum and public awareness for HR 1, the designation for the wide-ranging political system overhaul being advanced by the new House Democratic majority.

The dozen organizations are part of a coalition of 125 groups dubbed the Declaration for American Democracy, formed last year to promote the legislation. Virtually all the organizations, however, are affiliated with progressive and liberal causes – underscoring how the bill is being positioned more as a behemoth political messaging vehicle than as a measure that might make it through a divided Congress.

The groups asserted a shared commitment for mobilizing their networks to build support for the measure. But, while the bill seems foreordained to move through the House on a party line vote this winter, the grassroots on the left show no signs they're going to build a groundswell of support in the Republican Senate.

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