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Ed Helms reminds us that gerrymandering is like ... really bad

Yes, the For the People Act would prevent gerrymandering this cycle

Effingham is director of federal reform for RepresentUs, a right-left anti-corruption group.

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Thanks to new digital tools, more people can try their hands at drawing district maps.

Drawing maps isn't just for gerrymanderers anymore

Donovan is the support specialist at the Redistricting Data Hub. McBride is the redistricting and voting rights policy specialist at the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

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Most legislative efforts to fix gerrymandering won't take effect until 2030.

Gerrymandering reform, if passed, is still a decade away

Gorrell is an advocate for the deaf, a former Republican Party election statistician, and a longtime congressional aide. He has been advocating against partisan gerrymandering for four decades.

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President Biden on Tuesday called for passage of voting rights legislation.

Voting rights advocates press Biden to do more than deliver speeches

President Biden on Tuesday decried the wave of GOP-backed voting restrictions as a "21st century Jim Crow assault" on American democracy. But "good government" groups want to see the president do more than give an impassioned speech.

While advocates were pleased by Biden's use of the bully pulpit to promote the need for broad election reforms, they said his address fell short of providing tangible steps forward. Biden once again called on Congress to pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, but did not acknowledge the fact that the Senate filibuster remains a huge impediment to either bill's enactment.

In the first seven months of his presidency, as well as during his presidential campaign, Biden has been an ardent supporter of voting rights, ending partisan gerrymandering and curbing dark money in politics. But Biden has done little to take these issues beyond talking points — something reform advocates have repeatedly implored him to do. Even during the primary campaign, Biden offered far less for specific reforms than his opponents proposed.

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