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The Senate confirmed Marty Walsh as secretary of labor in late March, 75 days after his Joe Biden announced his nomination.

Report: The Senate confirmation process is dysfunctional — but it can be fixed

Over the past six decades, the number of federal government roles requiring Senate approval has nearly doubled and the process to confirm them has become increasingly arduous and politicized, a recent report found.

This persistent dysfunction within the confirmation process has led to more vacancies in the federal government, reducing the president's capacity to govern and the Senate's power to hold officials accountable, according to the Partnership for Public Service's Center for Presidential Transition.

The nonpartisan nonprofit's report, released Monday, analyzed how the Senate confirmation process over the last several presidential administrations has created serious barriers to the effectiveness of the federal government. The report also proposes several ways to streamline the process moving forward.

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Politics Myth #2: Politicians are the problem

Politics Myth #2: Politicians are the problem

The Institute for Political Innovation is helping to debunk myths about American politics. It may be easy to point fingers at politicians, but the truth is that Senators and Representatives are often prisoners of a dysfunctional system. They have no choice but lockstep allegiance to their side, thanks to an outdated and toxic rule within the politics industry: the party primary.


The dysfunction continues

Senate votes 50-50

Nevins is co-publisher of The Fulcrum and co-founder and board chairman of the Bridge Alliance Education Fund.

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