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USC Election Cybersecurity Initiative: Minnesota

Organizer: University of Southern California — Election Cybersecurity Initiative

Because of the COVID-19 virus, we are facing unprecedented changes to our election landscape. Cybersecurity is more important than ever, and we now have to view it through a different lens. At our virtual workshop, we will be discussing primary date changes, direct mail voting, facts you need to know and best practices for cyber safety. Campaigns, policymakers, thought-leaders and concerned citizens alike need objective, factual tools and information to help them secure campaigns and elections. The USC Election Cybersecurity Initiative is a brand new non-partisan independent project, supported by Google, to help protect campaigns and elections from cyber attacks.

Join us for a virtual workshop, designed to help protect campaigns and elections in this critical election year. Information for joining the call will be emailed to you 24-48 hours in advance of the workshop.

Location: Webinar

Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

Cori Bush, who was dismissed as unelectable two years ago, tripled her 2018 fundraising total on her way to defeating an incumbent congressman in Missouri's Democratic primary Aug. 4.

Surge of donations to Black candidates tests old assumptions

Black Lives Matter activist Cori Bush's victory over Rep. Lacy Clay, a senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus, captures both the pain and the promise facing a new generation of African American candidates.

Bush narrowly bested Clay, who's represented St. Louis for two decades, in this month's Democratic primary and is overwhelmingly favored to win the House seat this fall — benefiting from this year's surge of donations to outsider candidates of color, for decades among the least likely politicians to benefit from the tidal wave of cash coursing through the campaign finance system.

Bush lost to Clay by 20 points in the primary two years ago. But money started fueling her comeback in a big way this spring following the police killing of George Floyd, which sparked mass protests across the country about police violence and systemic racism — and promises by the marchers to follow-up with intensified political activism.

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Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Secretary of State Steve Simon has dropped a requirement that absentee ballots be witnessed and will extend the time for ballots to arrive by mail.

Minnesota mail voting easements extended through the fall

Voting rights advocates in Minnesota have secured another win, extending and even expanding for the presidential election the eased treatment of mailed ballots they had secured for next week's primary.

The requirement that absentee ballots be signed by a second person will be waived in November, and envelopes postmarked by the time the polls close Nov. 3 will be counted even if they are delayed in the mail as long as a week.

Getting rid of such witness requirements and tight deadlines for accepting mailed ballots are two of the pillars of the Democrats' expansive effort to make voting by mail easier and more reliable through the courthouses of at least 18 states. The Republicans are fighting them in almost every instance.

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Minnesota primary

Minnesota holds its state primary election.

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