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Lawsuit aims to halt any more online voting in New Jersey

New Jersey piloted a new online voting system for people with disabilities this week, but a lawsuit could stop the state from using it again.

Human rights activists and law school students are challenging the new voting system, arguing it's unfair to expose only one category of voters to significant risk their ballots will get hacked with impunity.

Using a special app to vote over the internet is denigrated by most cybersecurity experts, who say the threat of votes being compromised is hardly worth the convenience. Four federal technology, law enforcement and election agencies united behind a report this month bluntly warning states against adopting online voting because "ensuring ballot integrity and maintaining voter privacy is difficult, if not impossible, at this time."

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"How can you possibly be knocking on doors for a long period of time now?" President Trump said Monday, calling for an extension of the census.

Mapmakers will have to scramble if Trump gets the census delay he wants

Time to redraw all the country's legislative maps would be shortened if the census gets slowed down because of the coronavirus. But it's unclear how many significant problems that would create — and whether Congress will approve the Trump administration's request for a delay.

The Census Bureau on Monday proposed postponing all its major deadlines by 120 days, starting with the time for trying to count everyone in the country during the pandemic, producing a cascading effect on the entire redistricting timetable.

Such a four-month extension would mean the states would not know until the end of next April how many U.S. House districts they will have for the next decade and would not get the detailed population information required for congressional, legislative and local government mapmaking until the end of July.

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Some Wisconsin voters who had requested absentee ballots had to vote in person because their mail-in ballots did not arrive in time.

Voting during the virus: Missing ballots, missing postage, delayed Democrats

Coronavirus continues to roil the country's elections — not only in states where elections have taken place, most notoriously in Wisconsin, but also in those where voting hasn't happened yet.

A federal judge has ordered Wisconsin's results kept under wraps until next week, to allow ballots mailed in the final hours to arrive and get counted. So for now the focus after Tuesday's chaotic primary is on why so many of those envelopes didn't get to people's houses in time.

Meanwhile, at least five states are making plans to further delay or modify their primaries in hopes the voting can be free of masks and rubber gloves. And election officials in Georgia faced new complaints about their plans for making voting easier in the state's primary.

These are the latest developments:

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After a chaotic primary in Wisconsin, officials in Florida and Texas are scrambling to avoid more election disasters.

Moves in three states to avoid another Wisconsin, even as Sanders bows out

Bernie Sanders ending his campaign, obviating the need for more Democratic presidential primaries, is the biggest news of the week about keeping democracy safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Vermont senator dropped out Wednesday, hours after the end of a chaotic day of primary voting in Wisconsin that went ahead on schedule even though a federal court is keeping the results sealed until next week.

Florida's local election officials and Democrats in Texas, meanwhile, launched efforts to prevent such a shambolic situation in their states during summertime primaries. New Jersey prepared to become the 16th state postponing partisan contests, while the inability to gather ballot petition signatures put a veteran senator in a bind.

These are the latest developments:

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