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New name. Same mission.

We were The Firewall. Now we are The Fulcrum. And our name is not going to change again.

Quite simply, The Fulcrum makes much more sense because of what we're about – the only news organization focused exclusively on efforts to reverse the dysfunctions plaguing American governance. We see our democracy at a dangerous tipping point, and our aim is to leverage the debate toward restoring the system to good working order.

Especially once our website launches in June, you'll see that our mission is clear. Our original reporting, the news we gather from across the country and our opinion forum will be all about creating a journalistic pivot point, or fulcrum – "one that supplies capability for action," as Webster's says. We are nonpartisan, but we are rooting for the system to get better. For us, that means making our democratic republic less tribal, our elections more competitive, our politicians less beholden to moneyed interests, our officials more attentive to real evidence in their policy-making, our civic culture more engaged, and our Congress more effective and ethical.

"Give me a fulcrum, and I shall move the world," is an iconic Archimedes quote. And so, The Fulcrum we are.

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