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Unite America

Unite America is a movement of Democrats, Republicans, and independents who are committed to bridging the growing partisan divide in order to tackle our largest challenges and leave a better country for future generations. Our mission is to pass reforms that will unrig our broken political system and elect candidates who will put country over party. Our "Fulcrum Strategy" is focused on empowering bipartisan caucuses in narrowly divided legislatures, like the US Senate, where they can use their enormous leverage to forge common ground solutions.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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Podcast: America's two major political parties are simply too big

The two-party system is no longer working for the country, and the party primaries that serve it have fueled dysfunction rather than encouraging compromise and unity. Nick Troiano, the Executive Director of Unite America, and Lee Drutman, Unite America advisor, recently sat down to talk to Chuck Todd about reforming the political system on The Chuck ToddCast.

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Video: 'Partisan primaries are a primary problem'

Nick Troiano, executive director of Unite America, was recently featured on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" to discuss his piece in The Atlantic: "Party Primaries Must Go."

Troiano argues that a small minority of Americans decide the majority of our elections and the situation needs to change moving forward to ensure a healthy democracy. (Unite America has been a financial supporter of The Fulcrum.)

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