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Unite America is a movement of Democrats, Republicans, and independents who are committed to bridging the growing partisan divide in order to tackle our largest challenges and leave a better country for future generations. Our mission is to pass reforms that will unrig our broken political system and elect candidates who will put country over party. Our "Fulcrum Strategy" is focused on empowering bipartisan caucuses in narrowly divided legislatures, like the US Senate, where they can use their enormous leverage to forge common ground solutions.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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Alaska’s ranked-choice voting, open primary plan a step closer to the November ballot

A ballot measure to create nonpartisan primaries and ranked-choice voting in Alaska appears set to go before voters this fall.

Former state Rep. Jason Grenn, an independent and co-chairman of Alaskans for Better Elections, which led the ballot drive, told Alaska Public Media that as of last week his group had enough signatures to submit the measure for certification.

The initiative would create a primary system in which all candidates for each office appear on a single ballot and the top four vote-getters advance regardless of party affiliation. In the general election, voters would rank the four in order of preference, with an instant runoff determining the winner by factoring in second and third choices if no candidate garnered a majority of top-choice votes.

If adopted, Alaska would become the first state in the country with both an open primary system and ranked-choice voting.

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Screening: 'Unrepresented: What Makes Corruption Legal in America'

Organizer: Alexandria Film Festival

It's no secret that special interests bankroll campaigns and relentlessly lobby to rig the system in their favor. "Unrepresented" pulls back the curtain to investigate the mechanisms that propel the corruption cycle and reveals the opportunities and challenges for public servants, non-partisan activists, and everyday Americans to fix the broken system before it's too late. Q&A with filmmaker, Andrew Rodney, Sheila Krumholz (Director , Center for Responsible Politics, Nick Troiano (Executive Director, Unite America)

Location: AMC Hoffman Center 22, 206 Swamp Fox Rd., Alexandria, VA

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