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Five things to read today about redistricting

Now that the Census Bureau has finally announced which states have gained or lost congressional seats, attention turns to the legislative bodies and commissions that will be drawing new maps for the next round of elections.

We already know the delayed data release is having an impact on states' abilities to meet their own deadlines for drawing new maps. It's only going to get more complicated as lawsuits are filed and more data becomes available.

Here are five stories you should read (or watch) to get up to speed (besides The Fulcrum's own reporting, of course).

Delayed census data kicks off flood of redistricting lawsuits (Politico)

Census lays groundwork for redistricting battle in GOP-led states (MSNBC)

Explainer: The proposals to keep Ohio's redistricting process on track (News 5 Cleveland)

SC bills aim to educate voters on how legislators draw their own voting lines (Post and Courier)

New York Faces Likely Congressional Redistricting Fight After Latest U.S. Census (Wall Street Journal, subscription required)

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