Vote From Home 2020

Vote From Home 2020 is a grassroots project that's harnessing progressive activist power from across the country to send mail-in ballot applications directly to voters. Data shows black, Latinx, AAPI, and young voters are less likely to request mail-in ballots than older white voters. We're ensuring the 2020 general election is accessible and safe by mailing applications to voters and then following up with reminder calls and texts. Vote From Home 2020 supporters will help make the 2020 elections safe and accessible with our unique direct impact model. With a $25 donation, Vote from Home 2020 is able to send applications to 20 voters. By using the Center for Civic Design tools and working directly with a Union printer, we're able to keep costs down and reach more voters.
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One form of viral spread: Groups promoting '20 civic engagement

With less than 25 weeks left in a campaign season remade by the coronavirus, another two groups sprung up Wednesday to bolster civic engagement and voter turnout.

Backed by $5 million in initial funding, VoteAmerica describes itself as a nonprofit aiming to connect with millions who are not registered or don't vote very often — and giving them the information and resources they need to participate in November, regardless of their perceived political leanings.

By contrast, Vote From Home 2020 said it would be all about mobilizing progressive voters in battleground states. The grassroots initiative will engage with these voters remotely and encourage them to vote by mail.

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