Voter Protection Corps

Voter Protection Corps was founded by experts in election law to address a stark, urgent reality: The assault on voters' rights will almost certainly increase, intensify and become more insidious in advance of the 2020 Presidential election. Voter Protection Corps is building a state-by-state playbook to combat both intentional voter suppression tactics and disenfranchisement caused by insufficient planning. Early, data-driven solutions identified and implemented by experienced voter protection professionals can reduce barriers to casting and counting the ballots of eligible voters across the country in 2020.
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National Voter Registration Day 2021

Video: National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day is celebrated annually on the fourth Tuesday in September to encourage citizens to register to vote.

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Philadelphia could be next to adopt ranked-choice voting

Philadelphia could be the next major city to switch to ranked-choice voting.

The Philadelphia City Council passed a resolution on Friday to consider using the alternative voting system for municipal elections and will proceed with public hearings to discuss the switch.

Momentum for ranked-choice voting has been building across the country, especially since New York City successfully used the new system in its June mayoral primaries.

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Briefing: Dive Into The 2021 Ballot Measure Landscape

Ballotpedia Briefing Video: Dive Into The 2021 Ballot Measure Landscape

With voters expecting to see a higher than average number of statewide measures on their ballots in 2021, Ballot Measure Project Director Josh Altic puts these measures in context. Altic reviews the notable issues before voters and highlights the trends. This Ballotpedia briefing video also covers 2021's notable measures impacting policies such as policing, executive emergency powers, sports betting, voting, education, taxes, and environmental rights.

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