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News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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A Conversation with The Fulcrum on For the People Act and Joe Manchin

A Conversation with The Fulcrum on For the People Act and Joe Manchin

As the debate over voting rights continues following the defeat of the For the People Act, The Fulcrum hosted a video discussion regarding the bill and Sen. Joe Manchin featuring Lee Drutman, Senior Fellow at New America; Chris Gates, Co-Director at Philanthropy Bridging Divides; and John Gable, Founder and President at

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'When it comes to politics and cultural issues, the internet is broken'

AllSides CEO & co-founder John Gable explains how AllSides fights online polarization and filter bubbles for Reunited States' Everyday Heroes series.

Everyday Heroes profiles civic pioneers across the USA who are creating novel solutions to polarization. It's a companion series to The Reunited States, an acclaimed feature documentary executive produced by Van Jones and Meghan McCain. The film follows everyday Americans seeking to bridge our political and racial divides. The Reunited States is available on Amazon, iTunes and everywhere On Demand.

EVERYDAY HEROES: John Gable, AllSides Co-Founder

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