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American Promise is a national, nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots organization that advocates for a 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution that would allow the U.S. Congress and states to set reasonable limits on campaign spending in U.S. elections.
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Video: Gregory Joseph - Repairing America's Broken Democracy

Gregory Joseph, Communications Director with American Promise, discusses the important work of removing the influence of big money from our political system to help protect our democracy. The interview is part of a collaboration between Bridge Alliance and CityBiz entitled Repairing America's Broken Democracy.

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4 Questions with Chris McDonald

Video: 4 Questions with Chris McDonald

The legally granted right to unchecked political spending by corporations, unions, special interest groups, and wealthy individuals is silencing the voices of citizens and corrupting our ability to freely and fairly elect a representative government of, by, and for the people. American Promise exists to empower, inspire, and organize Americans to win the 28th Amendment to the Constitution. This lasting reform aims to re-balance our politics and government by putting the rights of individual citizens before the privileges of concentrated money, corporations, unions, political parties, and superPACs. Meet American Promise's new Empowerment Coordinator Chris McDonald as he discusses the organization's mission.

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C Suite Conversation: The Role of Business in the Democracy Reform Movement

Video: The Role of Business in the Democracy Reform Movement

Corporations don't vote in elections, but they have a big impact on our democracy and society, for better or worse. Four business leaders from American Promise's National Business Network discuss how free enterprise and the open exchange of ideas are too often replaced by "pay-to-play" and "crony capitalism", where firms and special interests compete for favors based on political spending. In this video discussion, The Role of Business in the Democracy Reform Movement, they also discuss the controversial question of the proper role, if any, of American corporations in politics, and how business leaders can best serve their country and their business in this challenging time.

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Reforms to renew America for the 21s century

Across the country, Americans are working together to bring new ideas, energy, leaders and coalitions together to respond to our systemic crises and renew democracy and effective representative government for America's third century.

American Promise presents "America 2026: The Reforms That Will Renew America & Secure Government of the People for the 21st Century," featuring a dynamic discussion of leaders and bridge builders including Debilyn Molineaux, president & CEO of the Bridge Alliance and co-publisher of The Fulcrum, as they discuss real reform, empowering all voters, and breaking through the toxic hyper-partisan landscape to forge a new era of civic renewal and national purpose.

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