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Center for Election Science

The Center for Election Science is a nonpartisan nonprofit that studies and advances better voting methods. We believe you deserve a vote that empowers you to impact the world you live in.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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The people of St. Louis will get to decide whether to elect city officials using approval voting, by which voters support as many candidates as they want.

Approval voting proposal wins spot on St. Louis ballot

St. Louisans will vote this year on a new method for electing city officials.

Advocates of approval voting, which allows people to vote for as many candidates as they find acceptable, announced Wednesday they had more than 20,000 signatures to place their Proposition D for Democracy on the ballot. That is more than twice the number they needed.

The coming vote in one of the nation's more prominent cities presents a breakthrough opportunity for this alternative election method. Those who say American democracy isn't benefiting from the traditional system — voters select one candidate, and the one with the most votes wins — have rallied behind ranked-choice voting much more often.

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Alternative voting methods give different look to Democratic field

Given the chance, two-thirds of voters in the Democratic presidential primaries would support more than one candidate, according to a new poll.

The nationwide survey was conducted last week for the Center for Election Science, which supports approval voting, a system that allows people to choose as many candidates in each contest that they find acceptable.

Proponents say the system provides the most accurate picture of the support for each candidate and is superior to ranked-choice voting, the alternative system that has received the most attention recently.

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