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How to vote in person after seeking (or getting) a mail ballot in 49 states


How to vote in person after seeking (or getting) a mail ballot in 49 states

More Americans will be casting their ballots by mail this fall than ever before. But in a year as chaotic and unusual as this, voters' confidence levels and best-laid plans can change quickly.

So what happens when people receive an absentee ballot but decide that heading to the polls is the more reliable or even convenient option than using the Postal Service or a drop box ? Or what if they apply to vote by mail but their envelope never shows up?

In every state except Kentucky, these are not insurmountable problems. But the degree of permissiveness varies considerably for voters who change their minds about their voting method of choice.

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Carter Center details first-ever monitoring of an American election

The Carter Center, which Jimmy Carter started after his presidency in part to assure fair elections in the developing world, is making explicit its plan for watchdogging an American contest for the first time.

The organization has unveiled one video explaining the basics of voting rights and balloting logistics, and another video encouraging patience if the presidential result is not known soon after the voting stops in 19 days because millions of mailed ballots will still need to be counted. It's also finalizing arrangements for unprecedented on-the-ground observation by volunteers in places with histories of voter suppression, in neighborhoods surrounding the center's Atlanta headquarters and in other mostly Southern states.

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The details underscore the degree of concern by human rights organizations about the adequacy of months of preparation for a safe and comprehensive Election Day that yields trustworthy results.

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Election Dissection: Five steps toward a smoother election

The evidence is clear — vote-by-mail works and is significantly free of fraud. But with a lawless president intent on discrediting mail-in ballots and setting the stage to dispute election results, we all have a responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure election night runs smoothly and sets the stage for a peaceful transfer of power.

The Voter Protection Corps developed recommendations for voters, election officials, the media and candidates to help minimize rejected ballots and stop premature declarations of victory on election night.

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Election Dissection: CIRCLE report says young voters may have big impact in Georgia

Younger voters in Georgia have registered to vote at a higher rate than in any other state, compared with the last presidential election. That growing voting bloc may help sway the key races for president, two U.S. senators and two seats in the House, according to a new report from the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University.

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Vote Smarter 2020: Do presidential debates impact the election?

Newsy's Vote Smarter 2020 series, presented in partnership with The Fulcrum, aims to answer your questions about the most unusual election in modern history. From early voting to counting ballots to staying safe at the polls, get all the information you need to successfully cast your ballot this year.

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A new, unifying form of news can help fix a broken democracy

Unifying news can reduce the divides that so many Americans desire to to be rid of. This is especially true of unifying news to help bridge our political chasm, which seem most pronounced this election season, writes James Coan of Braver Angels.


'Voice Your Vote' Virtual Concert

This digital concert and call to action is inspired by singer-songwriter Valerie June's "Young, Gifted & Black" playlist,and the spirit of Nina Simone. Proceeds will go to Fair Fight and Movement Voter Project's Black-Led Organizing Fund, organizations working to support fair elections and grassroots voter mobilization.

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