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The State of Reform
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Poll workers in Bloomington, Ind., wear face shields and hand gloves as precautions against Covid-19 during Tuesday's primary votting.

Tuesday’s voting delivers big warnings about readiness for fall

Major worries expressed by election officials and good-government groups all came true on the biggest day of voting since the coronavirus pandemic shut down much of the country: absentee ballots that were never delivered, long lines for those who voted in person and results that have not been fully tabulated a day later.

At the same time, records were broken Tuesday in several states for turnout in a primary, with citizens seemingly determined to cast their ballots despite the extraordinary circumstance of holding elections during both a deadly pandemic and a time of violent civil unrest.

The principal takeaway is that plenty of work needs to be completed and improvements made in just five months, or else the country may not be able to conduct a safe and reliable presidential election — and potentially one with record turnout.

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Claim: Voters in New Mexico are being sent multiple absentee ballots. Fact check: False

Charlie Kirk is conflating the issue mentioned in the photo he himself shared. As the post in the attached photo states, the household in question has received several applications to request a mail-in ballot for the upcoming election, but not ballots themselves, as Kirk falsely states.

Ahead of the state's June 2 primary election, officials in New Mexico are urging eligible voters to cast ballots by mail to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission. Voters have responded in kind with a massive increase in requests submitted, and thousands of ballots have already been completed and returned.

New Mexico primary

New Mexico holds its presidential and state primary elections.

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No mail-in primary, N.M. high court rules, but absentee voting encouraged

New Mexico did not last long at the center of the campaign to make voting by mail the default setting for elections during the coronavirus pandemic.

What had loomed as a protracted partisan battle over the rules for the state's primaries, similar to the one that caused chaos last week in Wisconsin, was settled decisively Tuesday at the state Supreme Court. The justices unanimously rejected a plan to restrict in-person voting while sending mail-back ballots to almost all registered voters.

The pace of Covid-19 infections in New Mexico is on course to peak within two weeks of the June 2 primary, meaning thousands who don't request and receive an absentee ballot in time could be confronted with a tough choice between exercising their civic duty and guarding their health.

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