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Congressional Management Foundation

The Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) is a nonpartisan nonprofit whose mission is to build trust and effectiveness in Congress. We do this by enhancing the performance of the institution, legislators and their staffs through research-based education and training, and by strengthening the bridge and understanding between Congress and the People it serves. CMF also is the leading researcher and trainer on citizen engagement, educating thousands of individuals and facilitating better understanding, relationships, and communications with Congress.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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Rep. Donna Shalala was one of two lawmakers recognized by the Congressional Management Foundation for fostering a healthy workplace environment.

Eight members of Congress cited for doing the legislative branch proud

Four lawmakers from each party were honored Tuesday for being good members of Congress. But they were cited for behavior that has nothing to do with their ideologies, legislative skill or rhetorical flair. Instead, they were singled out for running decent modern workplaces and taking care of their constituents.

The awards were the third annual set handed out by the Congressional Management Foundation, one of the most prominent nonprofits advocating the view that a more smoothly operating legislative branch is one of the main cures for democracy's ills.

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Jim Risch pose with interns after a July hearing. It is essential internships — even remote positions — remain available, according to Harris and Bhatia.

How to keep internships vital to a functioning Congress during Covid

Harris, a former congressional intern and aide, is CEO of Popvox Inc., an information and resources platform for civic engagement and legislating. Bhatia is a legislative correspondent for Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts and founder of the Modernization Staff Association.
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Producing Virtual Site Visits for Public Officials

Organizer: Congressional Management Foundation

CMF research shows that members of Congress consider visits to local facilities to be one of the most valuable ways to understand constituent views and opinions – more than any other source of information! Unfortunately, maintaining "social distance" during the COVID-19 crisis has put this very effective advocacy strategy on ice – or has it? This webinar will explore how advocates could resume the use of site visits using virtual platforms and common technology; how to entice legislators to participate; and how to plan and create an effective virtual site visit that will simulate the real thing.

Location: Webinar

Creative Responses in Congress to Changing DC Operations

Organizer: Congressional Management Foundation

Congressional offices have been facing new challenges during the Coronavirus pandemic. These challenges have forced offices to rethink priorities and responsibilities to focus on on an ever-increasing and changing workload.

To help congressional offices at this time, the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) will be hosting a webinar on its program to provide a forum for sharing information among congressional offices. The program will feature senior level congressional staff sharing their experiences, challenges, and how they chose to modify their DC operations. By the end of the program, you should expect to gain information on the following:

  • How to address shifting priorities due to increased constituent needs
  • How offices are retooling staff responsibilities with innovative solutions
  • How offices are reprioritizing responsibilities and tasks in light of the current crisis

CMF strongly encourages senior level congressional staff to not only attend the seminar, but share your own experiences that might be helpful, and from which other offices can learn.

Location: Webinar

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