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For educators, a time of opportunity after civic life's current stress test


For educators, a time of opportunity after civic life's current stress test

Civic educators watched last week's riotous assault on the Capitol with a mixture of alarm and hope. The mob's brazen disregard for the truth and the rule of law shook teachers around the nation, but also made a stunning case for the need to invest in civic learning, which could enjoy a breakthrough year in 2021.

A bipartisan bill to invest $1 billion in civic education, a teacher-friendly incoming president, popular support for civic learning, a surge in youth activism — and the fragile state of American democracy itself — have all combined to create "sort-of a Sputnik moment" for civics, says Louise Dubé, the executive director of iCivics.

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Civvys emphasize equity and inclusion in selection of 2020 finalists

After a year of record-setting voter turnout, nationwide protests for racial justice and equality, and debate over equitable ballot access, it's time to recognize some of the leading players.

To that end, the organizations behind the American Civic Collaboration Awards — better known as the Civvys — announced the slate of finalists, celebrating the accomplishments of people and groups who led the way in 2020.

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More excessive partisanship will make wound from Capitol siege even worse

Democracy is in crisis and our political parties are in no shape to fix what ails the nation, writes Jacqueline Salit of Independent Voting.

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