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Institute for Free Speech

The Institute for Free Speech promotes and defends the First Amendment rights to freely speak, assemble, publish, and petition the government through strategic litigation, communication, activism, training, research, and education. Our dedicated professional staff works tirelessly to protect political speech under these freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment. We are the nation's largest organization dedicated solely to protecting First Amendment political speech rights. Free political speech guaranteed by the First Amendment is the most important right. It is the right that allows citizens to criticize, challenge, and ultimately improve their government. Despite its importance, the Institute for Free Speech is the only organization with a dedicated professional staff and mission seeking to promote and defend American citizens' First Amendment political speech rights.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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FixUS has sponsored a new national poll which confirms the huge partisan divide in the country but points the way to areas of agreement that can be the subject of dialogue.

Amid the storm of conflict, new evidence there's a place for calm

At the end of what has been the most tumultuous campaign season in recent history, a national good governance group is launching a new effort to tackle what appears to be the impossible:

Bridging the enormous partisan divide that has set neighbor against neighbor and made governing the country so difficult.

FixUs, an initiative to help Americans better understand our differences, announced Thursday the results of a national survey outlining these differences — and some areas of agreement — that will serve as a springboard to the program called "A National Dialogue on Common Values, Goals and Aspirations."

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Maybe this is the best ad of the whole 2020 campaign

Griffiths is the editor of Independent Voter News, where a version of this story first appeared.

Voters are constantly inundated with the back and forth mudslinging between candidates of the two major parties. The rhetoric on the campaign trail, on the airwaves and on social media has spiraled down to dangerously toxic levels, and things are only getting worse.

And in the middle of that vortex now stand the two people who want to be Utah's next governor. In some of the most alarming footage of this extraordinary political year, they're appearing on camera together in hopes of showing the country that there is a better way.

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National Depolarizing Within Workshop

Organizer: Braver Angels

Much of today's polarization is driven by how we talk with like-minded people about those on the other side. Too often, we stereotype, dismiss, or ridicule our fellow citizens who support the other political party, its leaders, and its policies. This free workshop teaches participants:

  • How to be more aware of their own "inner polarizer"
  • How to be critical without demonizing, dismissing or stereotyping large swaths of the population
  • Strategies for intervening constructively in social conversations with like-minded peers when these conversations veer into contempt and ridicule for people who hold other political views.
Location: Webinar
Civic Ed
Frederick Bass/Getty Images

A new, unifying form of news can help fix a broken democracy

Coan is a depolarization strategist who volunteers for Braver Angels, which encourages people to befriend and understand those with differing political opinions.

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