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Millennial Action Project

The Millennial Action Project (MAP) is the largest nonpartisan organization of millennial policymakers in the United States We develop the next generation to overcome partisanship on future-focused challenges and democracy reforms. MAP is connecting young lawmakers across state and party lines to find innovative solutions to democracy reform that make government more accountable, participatory, and representative for all.
News. Community. Debate. Levers for better democracy.

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Younger House members a bit more bipartisan, research decides

Younger House members are more likely to work across the aisle than their older colleagues, a new study shows.

Bipartisanship is extraordinarily hard to come by on Capitol Hill, one of the main reasons why the legislative branch has devolved into near-total dysfunction and further hobbled the regular operations of democracy. The report provides a glimmer of hope the next generation of lawmaker leaders may be willing to change that.

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2020 Future Summit

Organizer: Millennial Action Project

Each summer, the Millennial Action Project hosts the largest bipartisan convening of young state legislators during the Future Summit. Over the past three years, hundreds of legislators from across the country have set aside party differences and joined together to collaborate, share policy ideas, and gain insight from national policy experts. The Future Summit serves as a central location for policymakers to highlight their efforts and propose solutions to advance legislation in areas disproportionately affecting the millennial and future generations.

As we look towards the 2020 Virtual Future Summit, MAP is continuously looking to expand its mission of advancing bipartisan policy to the benefit of young generations across the nation. Future Summit provides new and innovative perspectives, bridging the partisan divide, and adding to the ranks of audacious young leaders ready to chart a new path forward. MAP looks forward to hosting new and familiar faces at the 2020 Future Summit — the first virtual summit — and the opportunity for attendees to build a network of new relationships, envision new ideas, and discover a zeal for creating strong, bipartisan, Millennial-driven policy.

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Big Picture
Millennial Action Project

Steven Olikara founded the Millennial Action Project in 2013 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Meet the reformer: Steven Olikara, cultivator of young and centrist leaders

Seven years ago Steven Olikara founded the Millennial Action Project to incubate a younger generation of diverse, technologically savvy and pragmatic leaders committed to bipartisan collaboration. The spark was a meeting two years earlier of college students awarded Truman Scholarships for public service — including Olikara, then at the University of Wisconsin. Before MAP, Olikara did a stint at the World Bank and advised the philanthropies of musicians Usher and Akon. He was on the 2017 Forbes list of the 30 most important policy and legal figures younger than 30. His answers have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

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The largest nonpartisan organization activating young lawmakers to bridge the political divide and strengthen U.S. democracy.

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