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Our weekly bulletin board

Our weekly bulletin board

Here are the highlights of what fix-the-system groups are planning for the coming week — and other events important to the cause of reforming democracy.

Tuesday, December 8

'Safe Harbor' Deadline

States must settle any election lawsuits by Tuesday to ensure Congress accepts the results.

Tuesday, December 8, and Wednesday, December 9

Crafting a 21st Century Voting Rights Act

The UCLA Voting Rights Project, UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative, and Luskin School of Public Affairs are bringing together voting rights practitioners, expert witnesses and legal scholars from around the country to workshop ways to protect voting rights in the 21st century.

Thursday, December 10

Can Political Consultants Fix American Politics? 6 pm (Eastern)

Join the Project on Ethics in Political Communication for a conversation about how political consultants can make American political discourse less awful.

The Fair Elections Roadmap: Redistricting and Open Primaries Reform, 7 pm (Eastern)

The Center for Election Science will host a discussion on the impact that both redistricting reform and open primary systems have on our elections.

Friday, December 11, and Saturday, December 12

Winning Reforms: Wrap Up & Gear Up

The National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers will share successes and missed opportunities from 2020, provide skills training for organizations and leaders, and opportunities to network and collaborate.

Saturday, December 12

Open Primaries/NANR Winning Campaigns of 2020, 1 pm (Eastern)

Open Primaries will host a conversation with leaders of 2020 reform campaigns in Alaska, St. Louis and Florida.

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