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Webinar rewind: How to make voting healthier and easier this fall

There is still time to create reliable, versatile and healthy election systems nationwide during the coronavirus pandemic — but that will mean getting aid to local administrators quickly and dousing the partisan fire over the virtues and risks of expanded absentee balloting.

That was one of several important takeaways from our rapid-fire and information-rich April 22 webinar with Amber McReynolds, CEO of the National Vote at Home Institute, and elections expert Tammy Patrick of the Democracy Fund.

Training new poll workers, disinfecting voting sites, and easing absentee rules, registration requirements and early in-person voting timetables are also part of the solution to generating turnout during the public health crisis, they said, and both strongly rebutted the notion that easier voting would incubate fraud.

You can watch their presentations, and all the smart questions and answers above.

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