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The Fulcrum will help the Bridge Alliance bridge the divide that separates us, writes Nevins.

Why the Bridge Alliance is taking charge of The Fulcrum

Nevins is co-founder and board chairman of the Bridge Alliance, a coalition of more than 90 organizations promoting core goals of the democracy reform movement: fairer and more accessible elections, reduced influence of money in politics, enhanced civic engagement, bolstered government transparency and more effective governance "with a country-before-party mindset."

I am excited about the opportunity for the Bridge Alliance, through its public communications arm the Bridge Alliance Education Fund, to become the new publisher of The Fulcrum as it grows and builds upon the successes of its first 29 months.

The work of our more than 90 member organizations is gaining traction. It is obvious to millions of Americans that something is wrong and we must fix our country's social and political system — by bridging the many divides that separate us.

We must harness the tension of our differences in order to strengthen our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — balancing individual and community needs. For more than two years The Fulcrum has played an important role in doing so. We envision growing the existing digital platform to be more interactive, engaging and innovative — in order to empower Americans of all stripes in our movement. Our aim is to create a democracy that puts We the People first.

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The task will not be easy. To succeed we must find the balance between maintaining impeccable journalistic standards and, at the same time, offering to magnify the voices of all Americans yearning for a healthier governing system: young people, people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds, rural and urban dwellers, conservatives and progressives.

The Fulcrum will channel all these voices seeking a better democracy as we talk respectfully among ourselves.

We know how much citizens are yearning for more involvement and deeper connection with one another. The democratic reform community must reach all people who are advocating for particular fixes for the system, then connect them with the organizations pushing to make those changes a reality.

This is the new aspiration of The Fulcrum. We will enact a marketing strategy to reach people where they are and help them connect to the reforming democracy movement as a way to reach their own goals.

I have a deep faith in the power of regular American citizens to make a difference. Indeed, every advancement in our society has been led by the people. The Fulcrum's platform can engage, and will involve, citizens of all stripes. We can and must welcome all Americans — from across the political spectrum and the social spectrum — who see our differences as a strength.

Americans have a genuine sense of an authentic interest, affiliation and affection for this great nation. Our unwavering confidence in the country's future must be restored as we recognize and address the profound challenges we face.

Through The Fulcrum, we will continue our commitment to help citizens find their own path forward — one that reflects their own values and priorities, not the publisher's political agenda or anyone else's.

As a voice for democracy, The Fulcrum will be empowering, action-oriented, pragmatic, inclusive, trustworthy, innovative, positive, appreciative and respectful to all as we work together to achieve the goal of a more perfect union, a country where "E pluribus unum" (Out of many, one) is a reality.

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