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Podcast playlist: What's next for democracy?

The 2020 election brought record voter turnout and engaged hundreds of thousands of people as poll workers, ballot counters and advocates. How can we keep that civic spirit alive into the new administration and beyond?

The election also revealed how parts of our election system are broken — from how and when voters can register to how the Electoral College functions. And ballot initiatives provide promise about bipartisan compromise on issues like minimum wage and marijuana, but a tough road ahead for ranked-choice voting and other structural reforms.

This playlist is part of The Fulcrum's partnership with The Democracy Group, a podcast network at Penn State University. All of its shows are committed to engaging in civil discourse, inspiring civic engagement and exploring the future of our democracy.

This list features episodes from member shows Politics in Question, Future Hindsight, Democracy Works, Out of Order, Swamp Stories, Democracy Matters, Another Way, In the Arena, 70 Million and How Do We Fix It?

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