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Podcast playlist: At the intersection of racial injustice and the troubled democracy

The deaths at the hands of the police of so many Black Americans in recent weeks have propelled systemic racism and inequality to the forefront of our national conversation. How those deep-rooted problems are further hurting democracy — and how the brokenness of democratic institutions endangers so many in our society — are central aspects of that discussion.

And so they are at the heart of our first podcast playlist — part of The Fulcrum's new partnership with The Democracy Group, a podcast network at Penn State University. All of its shows are committed to engaging in civil discourse, inspiring civic engagement and exploring the future of our democracy.

Featured episodes are from 70 Million, Democracy Works, Democracy Matters, Future Hindsight, How Do We Fix It? and Politics In Question.

Podcasts are a great way to see the world through a perspective other than your own. This playlist covers a variety of topics -- from the history of the civil rights movement, to present-day marginalization, to antiracism and what equality can look like moving forward.

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