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Big undervote surfaces in review of Georgia results

A watchdog group has found a mysterious discrepancy of 127,000 Georgians who cast ballots in November for most contests but not for the lieutenant governor race won by Republican Geoff Duncan.

The findings of the group, the Coalition for Good Governance, are detailed by The Root, which reports "the undervote wasn't concentrated in Democratic areas. It seemed to specifically happen in black neighborhoods. Even stranger, the black voters' absentee mail ballots didn't reflect the drop-off, only the people who voted on election day and people who voted on machines in early voting."

The position has minimal power in Georgia, so "there's no reason anyone would rig an election for lieutenant governor," said Jason Johnson, The Root's politics editor. "But anyone who knows Georgia politics wouldn't be surprised that there were questions about any election involving Brian Kemp," the Republican who oversaw the elections as secretary of state and was also narrowly elected governor.

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