National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers

The National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers is a member-led Association dedicated to structural election reforms in the public interest. We provide support to our member organizations through shared resources, best practices, and regular convenings. What unites us is being pro-voter, not anti-party. We favor a robust competition of numerous political parties and independents, and a level playing field on which that can occur. Our members have led campaigns for changes that increase electoral competition like Colorado's more open primary and redistricting reform, Maine's statewide ranked choice voting initiative, and California's top-two nonpartisan primary system.

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Open Primaries/NANR Winning Campaigns of 2020

Organizer: Open Primaries

Open Primaries, in association with the National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers, will host a special Zoom call to feature the state leaders and campaigns that heralded a breakthrough year for the open primaries movement.

2020 saw big wins in St. Louis and Alaska and millions of voters voting for top-two open primaries in Florida, where open primaries received a higher margin of votes — 57 percent — than either of the presidential candidates. The call will feature the leaders of the 2020 campaigns Scott Kendall (Alaskans for Better Elections), Benjamin Singer (STL Approves) and Steve Hough (Florida Open Primaries).

Location: Virtual

Winning Reforms: Wrap Up & Gear Up

Organizer: National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers

The virtual conference, NANR's final virtual event of of 2020, will share successes and missed opportunities from the 2020 election cycle, provide skills training for organizations and leaders, as well as opportunities to network and collaborate with attendees.

Friday, December 11 will feature important talks from Citizen Data's Mindy Finn, National Vote at Home Institute's Amber McReynolds, IVC Media's Chad Peace, and more. Saturday, December 12 will include workshops, briefings, and discussion groups on 2020 campaign lessons, common challenges campaigns face, the next steps for beyond 2021.

Location: Virtual

Primary Reform: State of Play

Organizers: National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers and Open Primaries

Open Primaries President John Opdycke and civil rights leader Rev. Darryl Gray will co-host a national virtual spotlight on the "state of play" of primary reform efforts across the country, including Alaska, Florida, Arkansas, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and St. Louis. Hear quick reports from campaign leaders, followed by updates on legal and research efforts and a Q&A session.

Location: Webinar

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Flood of 'spend more on elections' missives in congressional mailboxes

Advocates for making voting safer and easier this year are showering Congress with appeals for help in the next coronavirus response package.

The flow of letters, e-mail and appeals posted online has accelerated in recent days, as lawmakers have started haggling over a fourth aid package since the pandemic took hold. But any decisions have now been delayed at least two weeks, as the Senate on Tuesday joined the House in postponing lawmakers' earliest return until the week of May 4.

The missives have much in common: They are signed mainly by progressive groups, augmented by a handful of cross-partisan good governance organizations. They focus on getting more money for expanding mail-in voting, early in-person voting, online registration and other steps to protect the electorate and election workers from the virus. And they stop short of calling for federal requirements for states spending the aid.

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