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SLLF is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to professional development for our nation's current and future state legislative leaders. Our educational programs, held in partnership with leading colleges and universities, are designed to give these leaders the objective information they need to make reasoned decisions on important public policy issues. We educate and inspire our nation's current and future state legislative leaders to excellence, without regard for party, policy or ideology.
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Election 2020: What Happened and Why

Organizer: State Legislative Leaders Foundation

Join Charlie Cook of The Cook Political Report "after the dust settles" to talk about what happened on Nov. 3 from the White House to the statehouse. Who won, who lost and what does it all mean for our country and for your states?

Location: Webinar

Women's Leadership Seminar

Organizer: State Legislative Leaders Foundation

An ability to handle chaos and curveballs can make or break your success as a legislative leader. This is a skills-based retreat for women in leadership interested better managing change as well as their chambers. By improving your ability to diagnose the legislative landscape, you will be able to generate a broader range of action options that help you make progress on the issues facing your state. Connect with other women legislative leaders in Cape Cod and come prepared to engage in a legislative problem or two that keeps you up at night, or reflect on a past challenge from which you can learn new lessons.

Location: Cape Cod, MA

2019 Fall Leadership Summit

Organizer: State Legislative Leaders Foundation

All leaders experience crises, unexpected events that demand immediate attention and threaten to derail their agenda. Lincoln had the Civil War. FDR had the Depression and World War II. LBJ came to office under the cloud of Kennedy's assassination and had to govern through Vietnam. George W. Bush had to deal with America's greatest international crisis in more than half a century. Your tenure as leader will also be marked by unexpected events that threaten your ability to govern. Join us in Dallas on October 24-26 for "Testing Your Mettle: Leading Through Crisis" to learn how to govern through inevitable crises.

Location: Dallas, TX

2019 National Speakers Conference

Organizer: State Legislative Leaders Foundation

The 28th Annual Meeting of the National Speakers Conference will be hosted by Speaker Nicholas Mattiello in Newport, Rhode Island from September 18-21, 2019. Join us on the rocky shores of Narragansett Bay in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island. The breathtaking Gurney's Hotel is situated on its own private island with sweeping water views. We'll hear from oceanographer, Robert Ballard, as he details the process of locating the Titanic, and JFK's PT-109 as well as his latest expeditions. You'll also have ample opportunity to build friendships with speakers from all across the country, compare notes and share ideas.

Location: Newport, RI

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