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As Chairman of the Democratic Party, Troy Price was in charge of running the Iowa Caucuses, which ended in disaster.

Nevada’s new plan to avoid repeating Iowa’s caucus chaos

Fearing a repeat of the disastrous Iowa caucuses, Nevada Democrats scrapped their plans to use similar apps to tabulate results. Instead, party officials will use a mix of old and new tech: paper ballots and Google Forms.

The Nevada State Democratic Party announced new procedures on Tuesday, just four days before early caucusing begins. Officials will check in early birds using an online Google Form that they say will track participants and streamline the process. Then early voters will fill out paper ballots ranking their top three presidential candidates, which will be scanned, organized by precinct and counted on Caucus Day.

Although Nevada is pivoting away from the apps that caused chaos in Iowa, these new procedures will hardly guarantee smooth sailing in the Silver State. Many concerns have been raised over the security of using Google Forms and whether the early caucus ballots will be accurately counted.

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New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina are the next states to take the national stage.

Will Iowa's ghosts resurface in any other Democratic contests?

The first question that will go through the minds of millions of Americans at 8 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, when the polls close in the New Hampshire primary, will likely be a version of this:

We aren't going to have a repeat of the Iowa caucuses, are we?

This week's historic collapse of the system for reporting those results has thrust the mechanics for conducting the rest of the Democratic presidential contest under a spotlight of national anxiety and skepticism. And a bit of it is already justified, even before the next state votes.

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Elections experts used the Iowa caucuses vote-counting debacle as a reason to tell people to be more patient when it comes to anticipating election results.

Iowa debacle ripples through the nation's democratic fabric

Like the aftershocks that follow a major earthquake, the impact of the vote reporting debacle in the Iowa caucuses continues to rumble throughout the country.

Here is a look at some of the developments on three very different fronts: the new vein of disinformation about what "really" happened to this year's first voting in the Democratic nomination, the reaction to Iowa's appeals for patience, the rise of anxiety in other presidential battlegrounds. Amazingly, there was even a silver lining observed.

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Nevada Caucus 2020

Organizers: AARP Nevada and Las Vegas Review Journal

Nevada is in the national spotlight as an early caucus state. But what is a caucus? How does it work? How do you participate? AARP Nevada in partnership with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, invite you to an informative and educational session to learn how to caucus and why Nevada is important on the national stage in 2020. RJ political columnist Steve Sebeilius will lead a panel discussion to educate and inform Nevada voters.

Location: Suncoast Hotel & Casino - Grand Ballroom9090 Alta Dr., Las Vegas , NV

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